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Growth… Expansion into Hillcrest

A beautiful site in the sought-after area in Hillcrest has been secured
for a second APN Retirement Village. The location is halfway between
the Lutheran “Church of the Redeemer” and Hillcrest Hospital. It is
situated halfway between the hub of Hillcrest and the planned super
development of Ntshongweni. The area is alive with rural charm – horses,
nurseries, and leisurely cafes abound. Interest in the new development
has been strong, even prior to formally launching the scheme.

A beautiful setting

Over the years, the site has been levelled in platforms and planted with indigenous trees, particularly yellowwood. A small pond attracts a variety of wild birds including spur-winged geese.
Plans include a clubhouse, swimming pool, and perimeter exercise walkway. Sustainable development principles also means that regular transport to surrounding facilities, such as shopping malls, church services, medical facilities and social events, to name a few, will be provided. Future proofing of the development for new technology has been included in the design brief.

*Property is presently in the rezoning process

Unit 1

Single Storey | 1 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom

Unit 2

Single Storey | 2 Bedroom | 2 Bathroom (1Mes)

Unit 3

Upper Level | 2 Bedroom | 2 Bathroom (1Mes)

Unit 4

Lower Level | 2 Bedroom | 2 Bathroom (1Mes)

Unit 5

Single Storey | 3 Bedroom | 2 Bathroom (1Mes)

Sales & Purchases
Purchase of life rights is available for buyers over the age of 60.
Purchasers must be able to care for themselves in the cottage in order to
qualify for ultimate care in the Care Centre at no cost.
First time buyers between the ages 50 and 60 will be considered if there
are insufficient sales to buyers over the age of 60. The Care Centre life
right conditions will, however, only apply to residents over the age 60.
Sales of life rights will start in 2020 after successful rezoning of the property. A R30,000 deposit payment will secure your name on the waiting list. The deposit will become
non-refundable on a date to be advised which will be linked to the
commencement date of the project. A bank guarantee will be required for
the balance of the life right cost to conclude the contract.

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